Salt Patrol East Cape Billfish Tournament 29 Oct – 31 Oct 2021

Salt Patrol Billfish Touramant 2021 RULES / EVENT SCHEDULE

October 29th – 31 Oct.  2021

All information contained on this page including times and dates are tentative and subject to change.  

Final agenda will be available upon check in at the resort. Oct 28th and Nov 3rd are considered travel days. Anglers are welcome and encouraged to arrive earlier and stay later. Special prices and bonus days are available through the resort. Contact Palmas De Cortez reservations for details.

Format: Boat tournament, exclusively catch and release for marlin/sailfish.

Sanctioning: & Van Wormer Resorts

Target species: Marlin (all species), Pacific Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo

Scoring: Points will be awarded for each successful release.

Blue Marlin = 500 points, Black Marlin = 500 points, Stripe Marlin = 500 points, Pacific Sailfish =200 points,
Tuna/Dorado/Wahoo = 50 points each up to 8 fish per boat counted. Total boat points not to exceed 400 total per day for Tuna/Dorado/Wahoo.
There will be special scoring day on one of the days over the three day tournament with extra points award for selected target species.  Species could be Tuna, Dorado or Wahoo.
Selected species, fishing day and total points awarded for that day will be announced at the Anglers meeting. 

Monitoring: All anglers will be provided certified score cards each day that they will fill out and have verified and signed by the captain of the boat.

In-water releases preferred. An IFGA “leader touch” by deckhand constitutes a catch.

All boats must return to the dock with the score card by 4:00 pm. Any score card received after 4:00 PM receives a zero for the day regardless of reason for being late..  All anglers must fish out of a resort boat and stay at the resort to qualify for prizes in this tournament.

Entry Fee: $60.00 cash per angler for the three day series.  This entry fee qualifies anglers to win trophies and prizes as defined below. A separate cash prize will be awarded to the captain and crew of winning boats to encourage maximum effort from all the crews.

Prizes: All registered anglers who paid $60.00 cash US  entry fee are eligible for trophies and door prizes to be awarded during the tournament. Trophies and other prizes are awarded based on overall billfish release points and tuna/dorado/wahoo catch.

Angler Eligibility: All  Anglers taking part in the Salt Patrol Tournament must be staying in a Van Wormer Resort property booked through Van Wormer Resorts and fishing in Van Wormer Resorts boat(s) that are booked by the Van Wormer Resorts agent (877-777-TUNA(8862) to be eligible to win prizes. Booking through private owners of condos, or any booking agent other than Van Wormers Resorts for motel rooms or privately owned boats are not valid for tournament qualification to win Salt Patrol Tournament prizes.

Additional prizes: There will be a prize awarded for the largest Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado by weight entered over the 3 day tournament. In case of a tie, the first fish weighed will take the prize.

As the tournament promoter, Van Wormers Resorts will put up an additional guaranteed GRAND PRIZE of a return trip to the resort to be awarded to the team with the highest total 3 day score.

Disputes: Any and all disputes will be submitted in writing to the  tournament committee by 6PM on the day of the dispute took place. The Tournament committee is made up of  John Keizer, Eddie Dalmau and Paul Castillo. All rulings of the tournament committee are final and binding. Tournament committee members will not compete in the tournament.


*Any final rule changes will be announced  at the Angler meeting on Thursday night and will become final*


Tentative Activity Schedule (This is a TENTATIVE schedule, final agenda should be consulted upon arrival at the event at angler meeting )
Day 1      28 Oct. 
Check-in and registration at Palmas 
5:30 p.m. Mandatory anglers meeting Palmas Conference Center, attain fishing license, enter tournament, pickup tournament shirts, order boat food 

 DAY 2    29 Oct. 

6:30 a.m. Boats permitted to leave Dock

7:00 a.m. Shotgun Start “flare fired off” fishing begins

4:00 p.m. Deadline for submission of daily scorecards back at the dock

TBA           Baby Turtle release 



 DAY 3   31  Oct. 

6:30 a.m. Boats permitted to leave Dock

7:00 a.m. Start fishing

4:00 p.m. Deadline for submission of daily scorecards back at the dock

4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. Beach Fishing Tournament




 DAY 4   31 Oct.

6:30 a.m. Boats permitted to leave Dock

7:00 a.m. Start fishing

4:00 p.m. Deadline for submission of daily scorecards back at the dock

5:00 p.m. Salt  Life  group photo on beach 

Approximately 5:30 p.m. Awards dinner/ Halloween party and costume contest  in front of stage with Mexican seafood dinner.


 Team Shirts: Up to 4 anglers on a boat, each boat is considered a team; anglers are highly encouraged (not mandatory) to come up with a team name and create shirts for their teams.  A prize will be awarded to team judged to have the best team apparel.

Awards: Cash or prizes will be awarded to the winning team and tickets will be drawn for door prizes to be awarded to registered participants.  Entry fee is $60.00 CASH US.  Participant must have a tournament entry ticket to qualify for prizes.  Entrants are not required to fish

Fly-fishing: Fly-fishing trips are available through Baja Fly-fishing Company

Updates: Check and our Facebook Page  for tournament updates.

More information contact:


Packing Tips:

• Passport

• Wheeled Ice Chest to transport your catch back home or buy a Airline transport box at the East Cape Smokehouse when picking you’re fish 

• Sunscreen • Hat • Sunglasses

• Light Tackle Fishing Gear 30lb outfits and spinning gear for beach fishing

• Light clothing(T-Shirts and Shorts)

• Tennis Shoes/boat shoes

• Swim Suit(s)

• Mask, Fins, and Snorkel

• Cash to buy bait daily and tip the boat crew