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New from Yakima Bait is the Spinfish bait-holding lure, representing a new design in combining lure-and-bait to produce more and bigger salmon. The SpinFish features a pull-apart fillable bait chamber with a scent-dispersing design. When trolled in river current or behind a downrigger this lure will produce a vibrating, spinning, wounded-baitfish action that salmon can’t resist.

I was lucky to get to test the prototypes for the Spinfish this past winter. My first experience with the Spinfish started with targeting winter blackmouth out of Port Townsend located on the Northern part of Puget Sound. We ran the Spinfish behind 11” rotating flashers and had very good success on blackmouth up into the teens.

To charge the Spinfish you just pull apart the body and fill with any bait including tuna, herring, sardines, candlefish. We found adding a small piece of bait inside the chamber with a shot of Pro-Cure Gel Sent on it produce well for us.

I was rigging the Spinfish 25-40 inches behind a Fish Flash or 35-45 inches behind rotating flashers.

Since winter, I have been using the SpinFish out of Westport this summer for ocean kings and coho and the Spinfish produced great off the downrigger troll fishery. We have even use the Spinfish without a flasher in front of it and the results were quite good when the fish were weary on taking flasher baits.

Reports coming from Buzz Ramsey who had been fishing the Buoy 10 river fishery also have produce great Spinfish results trolling in the river behind a Fish Flash. 

The new SpinFish comes in two sizes, a three inch and a four-inch version, both come rigged and ready to fish. The three-inch size comes in 20 of the hottest colors Yakima Bait producers. The four-inch version comes in 10 proven fish-attracting colors. All the colors are coated in a UV finish.

The SpinFish can be rigged to spin clockwise or counter clockwise and unlike other bait holding lures, it needs no rubber bands to keep the lure together. Just pull the body apart, fill it with your favorite bait, push it back together and it is ready to fish. The precisely drilled sent holes in the Spinfish will disperse a sent pattern salmon will follow back to the lure.

Check out the video on SaltPatrol.com showing the Spinfish in action and give the Spinfish a try on your next salmon fishery.  

For more information on the new Yakima Bait SpinFish visit www.yakimabait.com.


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