WPS Salmon Kill Bag











I have been using the WPS (Wilderness Packs) bags for many years now. They have Tuna Kill bags that are some of the best I have ever seen. They also make custom fit bags for fish boxes that are custom built to fit your boats fish box providing ice installation for many hours on fresh fish.With the addition of the our new North River Scout to our fleet we went to WPS to set her up for salmon.
They have a Salmon Kill Bag that is truly heavy-duty bag designed to keep your fish fresh in a compact area. There bag system is made from 18-ounce PVC vinyl, Nylon strapping and lined with 1/2″ close cell foam for year-round use. Each bag comes equipped with drain plugs, carry handles and sewn-in web loops to help keep it securely attached inside your boat. These bags are designed for those with success and a full freezer in mind, and will last a lifetime. Whether you need a salmon, tuna, steelhead, trout or a custom build bag they have them all.

· 20 x 45-inch Salmon Bag
· ½” close celled foam
· 18 oz vinyl
· Sewn-in webbing for easy lashing to your boat 









More info Visit: WPS

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