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STORMR outerwear is the revolutionary extreme weather rain gear for the marine marketplace. NW anglers who demand the driest and most efficient outerwear to defy the elements will all find a complete line of STORMR products designed specifically to handle the most severe conditions that we face fishing the NW.

The STORMR STRYKR Jacket and bibs are lined with a soft, comfortable micro-fleece material which traps warm air between your body and the shell. All seams on STORMR Jackets and Bibs are glued, blind-stitched and then coated with a thermally bonded exterior tape, making all seams not just (Read More)rainproof, but 100% waterproof. Zippers on STORMR products which are also waterproof to keep salt spray on the outside where it belongs and not seeping into your inner layers of clothing. This construction process, although significantly more complicated and expensive than construction methods employed by common rain wear, ensures that STORMR products remain waterproof and windproof even in high winds, driving rain and freezing rain.

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STORMR’s Neoprene Core Technology offers a nice bonus benefit, since it is inherently buoyant. Although STORMR Jackets and Bibs are not USCG approved flotation devices, STORMR jackets will float without the added flotation panels commonly found in float-wear. This provides an added level of safety and warmth, since the Neoprene Core technology will function like a wetsuit in emergency full immersion situations. Combined, the STORMR Jacket and Bibs will provide nearly ten pounds of positive buoyancy. The hazards involved with marine activities are real and when the temperatures drop, one mistake can prove to be life-threatening.

Care of STRYKR jackets and bibs are easy. Wash with freshwater and a mild liquid detergent for cleaning. Highly soiled areas you can use soft non-abrasive brush. Hang dry in a shaded area. Care for STRYKR rain gear is similar to that of a wetsuit. 


Aero Jacket

Aero Jacket

I have plan on using the STRYKR jacket and bibs for my fall, winter and early spring wear as I have found there is nothing better out there on the market for dry warm protection fishing here in the NW.


Recently I acquired the new AERO Series Jacket and bibs which are a medium weigh rain gear and found them excellent for our warmer NW days. There the same quality product as the STRYKR with superior comfort wind and rain protection.



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