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Loss of Salt Patrol April 2018







It’s been an interesting year working the Washington Sportsman Show, The Seattle International Boat Show and the NW Sportsman Show in Portland. I enjoyed meeting all the anglers that attend either my seminars or just stopped by the Lowrance booth to see all the new products. What was the most asked question I got over and over? If you think it was about fishing you would be wrong. It was what happened to your boat?
To be fair unless you ran into me at an event, I have not been overly open about the loss of my 26FT North River Offshore Boat. First it was a nightmare to go though, reliving it countless times has not a fun process. The boat was moored in a marina and within 8 hours during the night was found rolled over. She was a total $200K loss. Thank you, Anchor Marine Insurance and Kitsap Marina you made this hellish time much easier to go through.
Since this happened last April, I have commissioned a new 27FT North River O/S to be built and as your read this article have taking delivery of her.
So, moving forward what have I done to prevent this from ever happing again? North River installed duel bilge pumps with audible high-water alarms. I also came up with a way to make sure no furry mammals can climb up on the swim step to sleep…just in case!!
Being so involved in marine electronics world I took a look around at the market place to see what else I could do to remote monitor the new boat.
Well if you ever wished you could monitor your boat from afar, then check out what I found, the Siren Marine MTC.
I found the reasonably priced monitoring system from Siren Marine. Siren has a new system that is hitting the market right now, called the MTC. MTC stands for Monitor, Track, Control.

The most important thing to understand about this new system is that the MTC communicates via GSM SMS, which means it can work in areas where cell coverage is pretty sketchy, and it does everything right through a phone app. Not only is the user’s end of things wireless, but the sensors can be, too. And there’s quite a range of wired and wireless sensors, magnetic switches for doors, canvass cover snap sensors, 12-V power monitors, Shore power monitors, float switches, highwater alarm, you can operate automatic boat relays, and even intrusion sensors are all options that you can incorporate into the system.


High Water Sensor

High Water Sensor

The theft-prevention aspects of this system are obvious, as are the peace-of-mind monitoring abilities. You can Geo Fence your boats location so if it moves you will not only know it moved but its location on the phone app.





After what I went thought there’s not a boat owner among us who wouldn’t like to be notified if your bilge pump runs or god forbid the bilge’s high-water alarm sounds and your notified in real time on their smartphone, even when or especially when your miles away from your boat. A single notification by phone would have saved my boat.
With the Siren Marine MTC installed on my new North River I will immediately know on my phone app if a bilge pump turns on, the bilge level, if shore power is unplugged or the batteries are not charging. In addition, if the boat moves, or anyone steps on my boat I will also be notified immediately.

AP on my phone Showing my boat docked in Westport and tracking all systems

AP on my phone Showing my boat docked in Westport and tracking all onboard systems











If you’re looking to protect your investment from theft or worse…don’t live my nightmare. For more information on protecting your boat check out:

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