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ASAT Camouflage


The ASAT camo website starts out with these words:
The rabbit, deer, elk and moose are what color? …BROWN… So if nature tells us the best camo color is brown, then what is the obsession with green? Answer: To catch the hunter rather than help catch the quarry. (more…)

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Lowrance LHR-80 – Handheld VHF/GPS Marine Radio


Been playing with the new Lowrance LHR-80 radio for a few weeks now. It’s really a super hand held VHF. I like that I can program my MMSI number in it and track boats on the plotter just like the bigger LVR-880 radio’s I have installed on Salt Patrol. I use one for my sled and I can still track my buddies on the built in plotter. Just like the bigger fixed mount LVR-880 flip open the cover and hit the emergency button and you location is transmitted to all vessels. You can bet this is also my new backup radio for tuna trips too, having a backup VHF/GPS that can sent my position all in one if there is an issue on the water is the way to go! (more…)

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Mustad Octopus 1X Fine Wire 92604BLN

I have been using the Mustad 92604BLN for many years and have found it to be the top bait hook for salmon bait fishing made. The 92604BLN is just what it say it’s a very strong fine wire octopus hook that is extremely sharp or as Mustad puts it has a 4.3 Miro Sharp tip.

What this does for you when running herring is you can insert the hook very easily in the bait without tearing the skin as it’s so thin. Also the hook are so light they don’t affect the spin of the herring when you rig it for trolling or mooching whole of cut plugged. (more…)

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