Mustad Octopus 1X Fine Wire 92604BLN

I have been using the Mustad 92604BLN for many years and have found it to be the top bait hook for salmon bait fishing made. The 92604BLN is just what it say it’s a very strong fine wire octopus hook that is extremely sharp or as Mustad puts it has a 4.3 Miro Sharp tip.

What this does for you when running herring is you can insert the hook very easily in the bait without tearing the skin as it’s so thin. Also the hook are so light they don’t affect the spin of the herring when you rig it for trolling or mooching whole of cut plugged.

I have seen many times salmon will pick up the bait and swim off with it without even realizing there hooked until you set the hook and they feel line pressure.

If you want to catch more salmon add the Mustad 92604BLN to your hook arsenal.

For more information visit Mustad Hooks or your local retail tackle store.

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