Mercury 225 4 Stroke

I have now had a chance to put some hours on my new 225 Mercury V6 4 strokes and all the hype about performance of black beauties is true. 

Mercury Marine’s new 3.4-litre V6 175-225hp four-stroke outboards were released to world-wide acclaim. I run the twin 225 hp models and have been amazed by the power and performance of this new, lightest in-class four-stroke outboard.

Mercury’s all new 3.4L V6 outboard engines are hot right now and in big demand (more on that later). The new V6 Mercury four-strokes are available in 175hp, 200hp and 225hp sizes.

The engines are naturally aspirated, large displacement (3.4-litres) V6 engines which feature DOHC and 24 valves.

Big displacement engines produce plenty of power and torque, and this is certainly true of Mercury’s V6 four-strokes.

There are lots of things to like about these new high-tech engines.

Power and Torque: The acceleration of the new Mercury V6 engine is impressive. Hole-shots from a standing start are swift, but more impressive was the sheer grunt and forward momentum you feel when you hit the throttle from around 3500 rpm. From this point on there is a tidal wave of power and torque thrusting the boat forward to wide open throttle.

With the twin Mercury 225’s on the transom, I had a blast testing the engines on my 27 ft North River O/S. It was great to put the boat into a tight turn and then to feel the power of the Mercury as you slammed down the throttle on corner exit. The 225’s will also plane my 10K pound boat in about 5 sec.

The Mercury’s performance was eye-opening, comparable, or better than traditional, older style two-strokes, but with low emissions, no smoke, and half the fuel consumption.


Four-stroke outboards used to be regarded as heavy, ponderous and slow. That’s not the case in the V-4. Modern four-strokes are much lighter than their forebears, and the new Mercury V6 four-strokes are the lightest in their class.


The Mercury V6 engines are not only quick, light and compact, they are also very smooth and quiet. At idle you can barely hear that the engine is running, unless you are sitting beside it.

With older four-strokes you could visibly tell that the motor was running at idle even if you could not hear it, as the powerhead would have a slight shake or vibration. But even this was absent from the new Mercury V6 in part to new, improved engine mounts.

Some of the measures taken to reduce engine noise included the design of a new one-piece cowl with new sealing and venting ports, as well as the use of noise suppressing injector covers, multi-chambered air intakes, a tuned exhaust (to quell high frequency noise) and chambered exhaust mufflers.

Overall, the noise dampening measures combine to make the new V6 Mercury four-strokes among the quietest, smoothest big power outboards we have ever tested. Even at WOT you can talk in a normal voice…Yep that quiet!

Looking after your new Mercury has never been easier. A water-proof hatch on the top of the cowl opens to reveal an oil filling port along with a dipstick to check the oil level. You no longer need to remove the cowl to top up the oil.

There’s also a plaque detailing the maintenance requirements and a smart phone compatible QR code you can use to access additional information.

With the new top-mount servicing hatch you will rarely need to remove the cowl, but this process is easier than previously. Pushing a red button in the maintenance port releases the latches securing the cowl. A handle also pops up within the recess allowing you to lift off the cowl in a single motion.

Importantly there are no release latches at the back of the engine – so the cowl can be easily removed while you’re on the water, from within the boat.

For boats kept on the water, there is also a freshwater flushing port located on the mid-section of the engine.

The new Mercury V6 offers full digital controls (throttle and shift) to suit all boat installations with the engine information output to Mercury’s Vessel View display, as well as other compatible multi-function digital displays such as Lowrance & Simrad. 

Mercury V6 four-strokes, but these new engines also have plenty of other great features. They include a choice of white (three different shades) or black colored engines with four colored accent panels, an idle charge battery monitoring system (to top up your battery when using electronics), Advanced Speed Control (neat feature which maintains engine rpm regardless of conditions), Active Trim (automatic boat trimming system).

Check out the Mercury 175hp, 200hp and 225hp V6 outboards at your local Mercury dealer or call my dealer Kitsap Marina (360) 895-2193 and tell Dave Johnson your interest in a new black beauty. 

Note: This has been an interesting year coming out of Covid 19 and the worldwide shortage from fishing hooks to boats has been a factor in getting anything. The same is very true in outboards, if you’re interested in a new Mercury get your name in the order line early as this shortage will most likely go on through next year.  


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