Lowrance LHR-80 – Handheld VHF/GPS Marine Radio


Been playing with the new Lowrance LHR-80 radio for a few weeks now. It’s really a super hand held VHF. I like that I can program my MMSI number in it and track boats on the plotter just like the bigger LVR-880 radio’s I have installed on Salt Patrol. I use one for my sled and I can still track my buddies on the built in plotter. Just like the bigger fixed mount LVR-880 flip open the cover and hit the emergency button and you location is transmitted to all vessels. You can bet this is also my new backup radio for tuna trips too, having a backup VHF/GPS that can sent my position all in one if there is an issue on the water is the way to go!


LHR-80 features enhanced with a built-in GPS receiver, the Lowrance LHR-80 is a full-featured, free-floating, handheld VHF marine radio with the added convenience of a simple plotter with Great Circle waypoint navigation, Man Over Board functionality and storage for up to 500 waypoints


• Totally waterproof to strict JIS 7 standards and it floats

• Built-in GPS receiver with unique new trackplotter screen feature

• Great Circle waypoint navigation

• Storage of up to 500 waypoints

• Man Over Board functionality

• “Track-Your-Buddy” feature

• “Get Buddy” feature

• Save a buddy list of up to 20 people

• Large 128 x 128 pixel LCD with adjustable contrast settings and backlighting

• 7.4V 1400mAh Lithium Polymer battery pack

• Selectable 5W/1W transmit power

• NOAA Wx 1050Hz tone alert for weather/storm warnings

• Desktop charger with wall adapter


For more information visit www.Lowrance.com

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