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Wireless Communication for your Lowrance or Simrad Sonar/GPS Units

The GoFree WIFI-1 is a marine grade wireless gateway module which provides users the ability to view and control compatible Simrad and Lowrance Multifunction Displays with a compatible iPad or view the MFD display with a compatible smartphone.

The Go Free Wifi adapter is a compact device that connects to your Lowrance or Simrad Multifunction Displays via Ethernet Multiple Multifunction Display units can be used with just one WIFI-1 module, meaning that an entire system can be online with just the addition of one handy wireless gateway.

Viewer on Smart Phone

Viewer on Smart Phone

Wireless Connectivity: Navico’s GoFree Wireless module and apps for Lowrance displays are scheduled to be available for use with the HDS Gen2 Touch in early 2013. This innovative add-on hardware option provides wireless connectivity of multifunction systems, and fully interfaces with engine data, fuel information sensors and transducers, to name a few. When paired with the wireless module, users can download the GoFree Wireless apps on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices to remotely view and control their HDS Gen2 Touch displays

Add the power of wireless technology with a WIFI-1 module connected to your HDS Gen2 or HDS Gen2 Touch network, and enjoy remote viewing or control with our free GoFree App installed on a smartphone or tablet.

I have used this on Salt Patrol and found it works quite well, even transmitting outside the aluminum hull up to 100ft from the boat. I can receive all my sonar/GPS data on my I-Phone.


  • 802.11 b+g wireless      connectivity
  • Support for multiple tablets      and/or smart phones
  • Single SSID connection to all      networked displays
  • Low-profile, rugged and      waterproof device
  • Optimized for use with HDS      Gen2 and Gen2 Touch displays
  • Noise Filters counter      disruption from VHF and make sure that you always get a clear signal
  • Draws 200mA of power (easy on      battery)


See more at: http://www.lowrance.com

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