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My first experience with Fish Fighter Products was at the Western Washington Sportsman’s Show this past January. I kept wandering over to their booth looking at all the product line. After many years in the fishing industry it takes something special to get me excited. Well I can say now that Fish Fighter Products is one of the new products that did just that.
The product line is not a rehash of other boat hardware accessory stuff, its new and extremely innovated. It is also the build from the best materials they can use. No short cuts with Fish Fighter Products you get the best from each top of the line product down to the provided bolts to mount it.
The first product that caught my eye was the Tackle Tender. Tyler Ross from Fish Fighter Products demoed the unit for me and I was hooked. I now have a set of sliding Base Rails, Tackle Tenders with Rod Risers holding my Scotty rod holders mounted on my new 27ft North River O/S.
The Tackle Tender does a great job of tending your gear. For those of you who downrigger or river troll a lot using rotating flasher or Fish Flash and cannon ball sinker you know managing all the tackle can be challenging. The Tackle tender keeps everything at the ready to fish and really helps prevent tangling. I really like the built-in rod holder feature. Now I travel with my rods in the Tackle Tenders and they don’t get a constant saltwater bath traveling in choppy water hanging in the rod holders outside of the boat.
They build the Tackle Tender from King Starboard marine grade plastic and aluminum so you know it will last for generations to come.
The company owner Chuck Ceccarelli worked extensively with their Pro Staff Fishing Guides Cody Herman from Day One Outdoors and Austin Moser with Austin’s Northwest Adventures in designing this product. These guys fish over 300 days a year and really know what works and what doesn’t.
The Fish Fighter Brand Tackle Tender is designed to firmly hold dodgers, all Flashers or Triangle Flashers from Yakima Bait Fish Flash, Pro Troll Flashers making deploying the gear after a run fast and easy. Salmon, trout or kokanee fishing there is a place in the tender for everything.
The Tackle Tender is just one of the many items that Fish Fighter Products produces. Their anchor systems and rod holders are just a few of the many products found on their web page.
I have now added the Fish Fighter Products CR Anchor and Anchor Nest to my 20ft North River Scout. Also, a course with Rod Risers and Tackle Tenders. There all top-quality products and a perfect fit for whatever style boat you fish out of.
One of the other things that totally impressed me with Fish Fighter Products is there is a manual and video on their web page for every product they produce. Who does that?
Stay tuned to the Salt Patrol YouTube channel for some upcoming videos on Fish Fighter Products in use or check out their web page at and customize your boat with Fish Fighter Products now.

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