Westport Salmon Fishing 2016

Westport Salmon & Columbia River Shad

Westport Deep Water Salmon

Lake Washington Cutthroat

Salt Patrol Tournament 2013

Ilwaco Kings

2012 Mexico Marlin Tournament

Westport WA 2013 Salmon fishing

Kokanee tips with Tony Dobson

Columbia Springers 2012

Westport WA Summer Kings & Tuna

Packing to Fish Mexico

Join Capt. John Keizer and Paul Castillo as they share their tips, tricks and tactics for traveling to Mexico for their Annual Salt Patrol Marlin Tournament.  A must see for any angler heading south for the adventure of a lifetime.

Salt Patrol Tournament Montage

Need a little inspiration to join us in Sunny East Cape? Check out this video featuring plenty of action from the boats and resorts.


East Cape – Las Barilles BC Mexico

Popular footage shot on location at the beautiful Palmas De Cortez Resort in Las Barilles Mexico. Take the opportunity to get a sneak preview of the location of the popular Salt Patrol Billfish Tournament.

Palmas De Cortez

A behind the scenes look at the Palmas De Cortez Resort and its variety of sport fishing opportunities.

Filleting Halibut

Donald Auman, veteran deckhand from Jambo’s Sportfishing demonstrates his proven method of filleting halibut



Rigging a Spoon with a Micro Hootchie

Capt. John demonstrates his method of pairing a Silver Horde spoon with a micro hoochie



Scotty Hi Performance Downrigger Review

Watch as Capt. John reviews the Scotty Hi Performance Downrigger



Downrigger Basics with Capt. John

Watch as Capt. John explains some of the most often asked questions regarding downrigger setup, fishing techniques, gear and tackle.



Rigging Whole and Cut Plug Herring

Follow along as Capt. John shows his techniques for rigging whole and cut plug herring.  These are Capt. Johns favorite baits for big salmon.  This video is a must see for all salt water salmon fishermen.


Rigging Anchovies for Tuna

Capt. John and members of the Salt Patrol Fishing Team walk you through the process of rigging live anchovies for catching tuna


Cleaning Tuna

Capt. John and friends take you through the process of quickly cleaning and quartering a whole tuna.


Herring in a Helmet

Capt. Keizer shows you one of the easiest and most effective methods for rigging a herring for trolling.



Divers are a simple and effective way to increase your fish catching opportunities.  Capt. Keizer shows you his choices in divers and how to rig them.


Rigging A Hoochie

Hoochies are one one of the simplest and most effective lures used to catch every species of salmon.  Watch as Capt. Keizer shows you how to rig a hoochie and an Ace Hi Fly.


Rigging Spoons

Capt. John walks you through the ins and outs of fishing a spoon.  A must see for all salmon fishermen.


Filetting Salmon With Chef Steve Ng

This video features tips on filleting salmon and cutting salmon steaks with Chef Steve Ng, Executive Chef of Johnnys Dock Restaurant


Coho Killer

Join Capt. John Keizer as he reveals his tips on modifying the popular Coho Killer.  You’ll increase the fish catching ability of this popular Salmon spoon.


Lowrance HDS Setup

A must see for HDS owners.  Capt. John walks viewers through his personal preferences for HDS Setup.  These are the type of tips that you don’t get from a users manual.


Rigging a spoon

Watch as Capt. John guides you through his technique of rigging a spoon with a micro hoochie