Eastern WA. Muzzleloader Elk Hunt John Keizer

Just back from my muzzleloader elk hunt in eastern Washington near the Blue Mountains. Had a great trip hunting with my navy buddy Steve Turner. We were lucky enough to draw party antlerless tags for cow elk this year. We hunt several days and were in a herd of elk every day. Ran into some nice bulls, 6X7 and 7X7 each with 30-40 cows. This was open county hunting compared to the west side and required lots of glassing and sneaking to final close the distance for a shot. Shot my cow with a Knight in-line 50 Cal. muzzle loader with 150grains of Pyrodex pellets and a 300 grain jacketed sabot by Horandy. Also spend some time turkey hunting and took a nice Rio Grande. Big thanks to Derik and Rex for guiding us on the elk hunt on the land and for cooking the best elk heart I have ever eaten! Capt John