Shining Times Outfitting

Snake River Hunting Club has hunted twice with Rich Vetch of Shining Times Outfitting, a successful archery elk hunt in 2007 and a very successful modern rifle hunt in 2009. Rich and his guides are very experienced and know the elk, deer and antelope patterns in their area. They hunt both private leased land including a spectacular 10,000 acre ranch and public land.

In the 2007 archery Elk hunt Mike and Don hunted with guide Kerry and Don was able to take a nice 4X4 bull and a 3 point Whitetail buck. Mike was on to elk everyday and within 80 yds of a huge (360 inch class) 6X7 bull but could not get him to leave his harem to get with in archery range. He was also within a 100 yds of a nice 6X6 but again could not get the big bull to leave his harem. On the last day he was on a 4X4 bull but again could not close the distance to get a shot, that’s archery hunting for you.

In the 2009 modern rifle hunt there were 7 hunters in camp for the first week of the season. Snake River Hunting Club founders Mike, Steve and Don were there and anxious to start the elk, deer, antelope hunt. The results of the hunt were spectacular with 4 branch antlered bulls taken the first day. Another branch antlered bull, two elk cows, four nice whitetail bucks and two antelope where harvested by weeks end.

Rich and the boys know their business and run a very professional operation. The hunter’s tents have pellet stoves and the camp has a hot shower, the food is very good and plentiful. We highly recommend Shining Times Outfitting.

Shining Times Outfitting
120 Lower Ray Creek Rd
Townsend, Mt

(406) 266-3882
Mike “Nimrod” Tusow

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