Rainbow Mountain Outfitting

Snake River Hunting Club has completed the 2011 moose hunt with Rainbow Mountain Outfitting.
email Dave Dorsey at: rainbow@wlake.com
Rainbow Mountain Outfitting

20011 Season – A Synopsis

2011 was an excellent season for moose, Rainbow Mountain hunters went 6 for 7 but to be fair the 7th hunter was a camp potato and liked staying in camp instead of hunting. Don and I were in camp with Sally and Ken from Gig Harbor, Wa.  Don and Ken each got their Moose the first morning hunt.  Don got his in a large meadow at 300yds and Ken got his in the brush at 70 yds. It took me another 4 days to get my moose in the same meadow that Don got his moose and I took my moose at 357 yds.

The outfitter runs a very nice camp with very good food and David and Joyce are wonderful hosts. David the outfitter and his guide Patrick really know how to hunt moose. The hunt is in a swamp on horse back and the horses are gentle and sure footed. We saw moose everyday and Patrick heard more than we saw.

Snake River Hunting Club HIGHLY RECOMMENDS Rainbow Mountain Outfitters for your Canadian Moose hunt.

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