Volunteers needed! Please help if you can


As most of you know the core members of the Snake River Hunting Camp Don Davis, Mike Tusow and Steve Turner are Master Hunters. As such we are required to do a certain number of hours of volunteer time. Most of this time is not doing what you would call fun or exciting, BUT it is what needs to be done to help land owners, both private and commercial.

This call for help is not just for Master Hunters and Master Hunter candidates. It’s for anyone that wants to help out. So if you have some time and wish to donate it to a GREAT cause, please keep reading.

One thing to note is the use of a tracking system for your volunteer time. The CERVIS is there to help the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) track volunteer time on various projects. It is also a tool to show the public how much we, the hunting community, care about the natural resources in our state.

I have already posted several events for April in the EVENTS section. I will be posting the different requests for volunteer projects as I receive them. Please keep checking the EVENTS calendar and VOLUNTEER…..thanks!

Steve, The Big Hairy One

There will be more activities posted in the months to come.  I encourage all of you to register as a volunteer in CERVIS, the department’s online volunteer management program. In the future I will be using this tool more to contact volunteers.

Also if you have the time use the advanced search function then use the organizer search tool to find all of my projects. Register for them. You will find one that is called “Region 6 Access.” That is my “catch-all” so make sure you register for it also.

Thank You,

Scott M. Harris

Wildlife Biologist -Private Lands Region 6

Wildlife Conflict – Pacific & Grays Harbor Counties

48 Devonshire Road

Montesano, WA 98563

Office (360)249-4628 ext. 234

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