Opportunity for Master Hunter Volunteer Hours (and Razor Clams!)

Master Hunters, the Snowy Plover needs your help!  We have need of volunteers to patrol the Snowy Plover nest sites at Midway Beach, educating people  to stay out of the roped areas.

The dates are also weekend Razor Clam digs.  So get there early, get your clams and some volunteer hours.  Hours are bankable, so even if you’re not up for renewal they still will count.

If you’re interested or available for this project, the dates we need help are May 2-3rd, May 7-10th,and May 15-17th.  You will need to be there about 2 ½  hours early and plan on a six hour shift.  For more info please contact me at any of the numbers below, or call John Diebert  at (360) 249-4628 ext 232 or Anthony Novak (360) 249- 4628 ext 238.

Thank You for your service to Washington’s Wildlife.


Bill Montgomery

Hunter Education & Volunteer Coordinator: Region 6

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

360.902.8413 office / 360.704.0094 cell


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