Moose hunt with Rainbow Mountain Outfitters

Hunt Report for Moose hunting in British Columbia with RAINBOW MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS Don and I just got back from a wonderful Moose hunt that had everything, Moose, Grizzly bears, horseback riding, good food and fun. Anahim Lake B.C. is very remote and when we met the outfitter we immediately got on horses and rode another 1 ½ hours into the wilderness.

The camp is no frills but very comfortable we hunted out of their base camp which is their cabin site with two hunter wall tents set up. Our hosts Joyce and David Dorsey are wonderful people and treated us very good. Our guide Patrick has super human eye sight and hearing and knows how to hunt moose.

After our ride into camp and we unloaded our mountain of gear, we saddled up and rode out for an evening hunt. This hunting area is a swamp, there is 6-12 inches of water everywhere and we rode through some water that was belly deep on a tall horse. You could not hunt this country if you did not have a good horse. These horses were born and raised here so can negotiate terrain other horses I have been on would not even try. On that first evening hunt we set up in an island of trees in the middle of a huge meadow. Patrick began calling and before long he could hear two bulls and a cow in the woods on the edge of the meadow but could not get them to come out.

The next morning we went back to the meadow but next to the woods where Patrick had heard the moose. After about only 15 min Patrick had called a big moose out of the woods behind us on the other side of the meadow. The moose came charging out from about 600 yds and came to within 300 yds when Don took it with his Weatherby .300 Mag. A really nice 7×7 with a overall spread of 39 inches. Probably would have gone 41 or 42 inches if not for a broken tine.

As Patrick was field dressing the moose (we did help) we heard a gunshot, that was our hunting partners Ken and Sally from Gig Harbor, Wa, Ken had taken his moose with an offhand shot at about 70 yds with his 338-06. Now I was the only hunter in camp without a moose and we had just started the hunt.

After we got back to camp the outfitter hitched up his draft horses to the wagon and drove the team with Don, Ken and Sally riding horses to pick up the two moose. I went hunting with Patrick. After the moose were in camp the outfitter hung the meat in the meat shed and cut the antlers off the heads. After a great evening meal we hit the rack and about 0330 there were dogs barking and people talking but I went back to sleep. Next morning we found out that the commotion was a grizzly bear in camp and he broke the top rail (8 inch diameter log) of a rail fence as he made his escape with one of the moose heads.

On the next hunt we called a moose into about 70 yds but only the guide could see his head and he winded us and he was gone, we got back to camp after dark. That night the bear came back but Patrick heard him and chased it off without incident.

The next day after the morning hunt we were back at camp for lunch when we heard a moose bawling very close to camp, Patrick and I went out to call it in but no luck. On the walk back to camp we came across the grizzlies tracks.

It turned out that the grizzly had taken down a small bull moose, Don and the outfitter found the kill the next day. As they approached the kill the bear whoofed at them from about 20 yds but the bear was in thick brush and they could not see it. As they approached the kill again the bear whoofed at them again then ran off. It was a very exciting time for Don.

Just before that happened Patrick and I were back at that same island of trees in the meadow where Don had shot his moose. Patrick called in a small bull and at 357 yds I took him with my Winchester .300 WSM.

We were there for 5 days out of a ten day hunt and went 3 for 3, on the earlier hunt the outfitter had hunters at a different camp and went 3 for 4. But to be fair the 4th guy was a camp potato and didn’t go hunting very much. He just liked to stay in camp. But any hunt where the hunters are successful 6 out of 7 is a great hunting season.

The Snake River Hunting Club still “HIGHLY RECOMMENDS” RAINBOW MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS. They do a superb job and they treat you right.


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