Limbsaver’s Hunt Report 2011

Snake River Hunting is pleased to have two great hunting reports provided by Corey Paulsen of Limbsaver

Elk 2011:

Washington State early Archery hunt was tough due to my favorite area being closed for extreme fire danger. Luckily, I was able to get back to my hunting area for the last 3 days. On the second to last day of the hunt the weather moved in and I found myself hunting a tall stand of timber. The rain and wind along with my Montana decoy gave me the edge to shoot a nice cow at 10 yards. The LimbSaver Proton took it’s 5th animal and I was happy to fill the freezer with a great cow elk. She only went 25 yards after the shot. It was a hard quartering to shot, but the Victory VForce arrow with the Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead hit true making for an easy tracking job.

Deer 2011:

Hunting Blacktail Deer with a bow in Western Washington is not an easy task. The brush and l few quality animals makes for a challenging hunt. My scouting has paid off and I have found a good pocket of deer. The brush is still a challenge and my success has really been increased by using a treestand to get above the thick brush. On September 4th, I arrowed a respectable 2×4 blacktail buck at only 13 yards. I had him on my trail camera only 5 days before at roughly the same time he was shot. Once again the LimbSaver Proton put the Victory VForce arrow and Trophy Shuttle T broadhead in a perfect spot to make for an easy tracking job.

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