Lowrance HDS Structure Scan LSS-1 Test

Structure Scan of the bottom of Puget Sound. Down scan on left panel showing under the boat and the right panel is scans 400 ft out both sides of the boat

Had a chance to try the new Lowrance Structure Scan LSS-1 on the Salt Patrol this past Saturday.

I installed the LSS-1 on the transom of the boat with he provided kick up stainless steel bracket provided.


It’s then a simple matter run the cable to the provided LSS-1 module and interface it with the sonar via the provided yellow Ethernet cable.

Structure Scan Module

The images we quite incredible even in deep water. I could scan 600 ft either side of the boat and pickup bait run my cursor over to it and then see the position of on the GPS.

As far as deep water operation it works quite well showing bottom structure to 200ft in saltwater trolling at 3 MPH. In shallow water the images are so clear you think you’re watching TV. I could clear see boat wakes as they passed by out to 400 ft next to the boat and even a downrigger ball troll past on a boat passing me.

As far as bait, it was quite easy to tell the deference between bait and salmon on the bottom looking at the Structure scan on the standard HDS sonar displayed on the same window.

The DownScan Imaging Here’s an exclusive new Lowrance advantage that’s nothing less than astounding and incredibly helpful. Even with the exceptional Broadband Sounder technology built into most HDS models, traditional 2D sonar displays can be tricky to interpret. Timber, dock pilings and cables, rocks and other structure can look like a school of large fish. Or, a stack of large fish may be mistaken for structure. Not anymore.

Compare DownScan Imaging with 2D HDS sonar viewing in split-screen, and you’ll remove all doubt. The StructureScan sonar imaging 455/800 kHz transducer works in tandem with your HDS 2D sonar transducer without cross-talk interference. Plus, as an added benefit, comparing the two helps you learn to “read” 2D sonar displays with much greater accuracy.

Here are some images taken onboard my boat.

Wreckage from the first Tacoma Narrows Bridge


Parts of the Bridge Support Structure


School of Baitfish


Capt John Keizer

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