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Lawrence Point

San Juan Islands, Washington You should have the best fishing results during the low slack, high slack, and hour before to two and hour after the tide change or during the outgoing ebb tide especially during early morning and late evening hours. Kings will hole up during the end up in slack periods to feed […]

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Point Doughty

San Juan Islands, Washington Good trolling and mooching area, with the north and south sides of the rip favored as top locations. Watch the rip here during the winter with a westerly wind as it can be pretty tricky.  

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Point Disney

San Juan Islands, Washington Point Disney itself as a prime piece of fishing real-estate. Tides moving in and out for rips currents off the point and salmon will gather to feet on bait caught in the stronger flows. This whole area yields fish to trollers, as well being in excellent spot the motor mooch or drift mooch.  

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Deepwater Bay

San Juan Islands, Washington Deepwater Bay just off the southeast tip of Cypress Island provides just about a full mile of ideal trolling water. With the exception of one tricky spot, the entire stretch is good blackmouth water ranging from 100-120 feet. The tricky spot is a high reef area emerging from the bottom directly […]

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Eagle Bluff

San Juan Islands, Washington Eagle Bluff offers another prime holding area; resting and feeding water for Chinook. Rips off the tip of the Bluff provide prime mooching waters as well for trolling. Starting in a hundred feet water offshore swinging north and west staying in 100 feet offshore into your off the tip of the […]

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Clark Point

San Juan Islands, Washington North end of Guemes Island fish the normal trolling depths for salmon, you can fish up tight to the beach as the fish will travel the shoreline. Not bad on downrigger balls.  

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Tide Point

    Trolling downriggers is the favored method for fishing when a blackmouth off Tide Point and the major fishing areas located north and east of the point.  To effectively fish this area it should be on the outgoing tide, during the slack just before the ebb or during the slack and just after the change […]

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Salmon Bank

Friday Harbor, Washington Winter Blackmouth/Summer Kings They don’t call it Salmon Bank for nothin’. Fish the east side of Salmon Bank on the incoming tide. The troll area is 2.5 to 3 miles long. It’s best to keep the gear right near the bottom, as the usual baitfish here is candlefish, which hug the bottom. When the tide […]

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