Oak Bay

Port Townsend, Washington

Oak Bay located on the South end of Marrowstone Island can produce some great fishing opportunities and on many days will outfish its well known cousin, Mid Channel Bank, just to the north.

Winter Blackmouth

Troll from Olele Point to Liplip Point along the shelf that forms between the two points. This can be a very productive troll, working the bait that stacks up on this shelf. An “S” trolling pattern works best as this is a very long troll. If bait is marked on the sonar or a salmon is scored, circle back around and work the same area again. Most action will occur around the tide change.

Just south of Marrowstone Island is Mats Mats Bay. Top action here is near Mats Mats, taking place from the buoy near the mouth of Mats Mats Bay up to Olele Point to the north. You will see boats trolling and mooching this area in the 90 to 120 feet of water.

It’s not uncommon to find bait stacked up in Ludlow Bay, located south of Mats Mats near Port Ludlow. Ludlow Bay has an oblong bottom with a fairly uniform 50-foot bottom depth and can be hot fishing when the bait moves in. Since the bottom is only 50 feet deep it’s usually necessary to prospect around the bay until bait is found, as the herring will move all over the bay and the salmon will follow.

Summer Kings 

Why not open most of the season there has been a limited fishery recently for summer chinook that have fin clipped adipose fin. This fishery occurs in July and last one-two weeks or until the quota is met. It can be very good if the chinook have started migrating into the area. Fishing techniques here are similar to winter fishing but slow down you’re trolling speed and lengthen your leader lengths. Coho Coho fishing picks up here in August and peaks in September. Work the tide rips and off the points which all can produce good coho fishing.


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