Olympia, Washington

Winter Blackmouth

Winter blackmouth can be found here by either trolling or mooching on the south end of Anderson Island near Lyle Point. Work the drop off just offshore from the point, as it will hold baitfish that the hungry blackmouth are after. Also give Treble Point a look, as bait will hold over there on the flood tide, as well. Just across Drayton Passage is Devils Head, which is a local favorite for trolling for winter blackmouth.

Summer/Fall Kings

Starting in the middle to late August returning runs of Nisqually River chinook will start stacking up off the river mouth. The depression just off the green navigation bouy is a great place to target these big kings. This spot is very popular with moochers and jiggers and many boats can accumulate here. Trollers tend to work the outside edge of the cluster of boats, but can also be rewarded with some great fishing. If fishing in crowd aren’t your thing try the south end of Ketron Island on the flood tide, as the sesame fish will stack up there. I have also done well trolling the mouth of Oro Bay for summer kings. The Nisqually River has had excellent returns of kings in recent years, providing some great fishing in the south sound late in the summer.


This area receives a large run of chum salmon beginning in November and running into late December. Trolling or float fishing the beach just south of Ketron Island can be extremely productive for the feisty calico salmon. Fishing a cut plug herring under a float hear schools close to shore can be about as fun as it gets on a crisp northwest morning in the late fall.

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