Fox Island

Tacoma, Washington

Fox Island is located just south of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Marine Area 13. There is a small boat ramp located near the end of the Fox Island Bridge, but there is no dock. Most anglers with larger boats launch at Narrows Marine on the Tacoma side and run over.

Point Gibson is best fished on the incoming tide, as bait will stack up just around the point in the back eddy. Typical blackmouth fishing depths here will be from 90 to 150 feet, keeping the tackle within 5 feet of the bottom. Watch the bottom closely when trolling to the north of Point Gibson, as there are several pinnacles that rise up very quickly. The other good incoming tide fishery is Point Fosdick on Hale passage, trolling the edge of the drop off.

On the incoming tide Fox Point on Hale Passage is yet another good producer. Watch that you don’t fish the marine preserve just north of Fox Point, as it is closed to fishing. If bait isn’t found here then give the Sand Spit a try located on the north end of Fox Island.

The Concrete public fishing pier located on the very south end of Fox Island is a top summer king producer, as many fall chinook will pass by on their way to the Nisqually River. The troll anglers want to follow here is from Fox Point to where the water starts to shallow up near Point Gibson. In the latter part of October plenty of chum salmon will pass by here, making for some great fall action.


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