Carr Inlet Salmon

Purdy, Washington

Located on Washington’s Key Peninsula, it’s often overlooked by northwest salmon fisherman, but it can and does produces decent fishing without the crowds found at other south Puget Sound locations.

There is a ramp next to the Wanna Post Office in Purdy that is very primitive and has a very small parking lot that requires pulling out onto Hwy 302 to use. There is also an unimproved ramp located next to the Fox Island Bridge with no dock and very limited parking. This is an excellent ramp for car toppers or small skiffs, however.

Carr Inlet reaches up into the fertile oyster country of the Key Peninsula. Not known as a top south sound salmon location by any means it can still produce some great fishing opportunities when the season allows.

The area between the west tip of Fox Island and Green Point will hold fish at times and is a good place to start fishing. Motor mooching with cut plug herring just off the bottom accounts for most of the fish here. If you don’t find bait here move on up into the inlet. Spring kings are caught here in May every year.

Trolling off Cutts and Raft Island can be productive and anglers often find themselves fishing here alone, as there just isn’t that much boat traffic that accumulates in this area.

Moving farther up the inlet is Allen Point, which can be another sleeper spot, as well as the middle of Henderson Bay near Purdy. In the fall, chinook and coho return to the nearby Minter Creek hatchery and mill around the inlet before heading up the creek. Motor mooching in front of the creek can account for some decent fishing in August and September. Another great place to try for a fall salmon is Thompson Spit near Glen Cove.


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