Deepwater Bay

San Juan Islands, Washington

Deepwater Bay just off the southeast tip of Cypress Island provides just about a full mile of ideal trolling water. With the exception of one tricky spot, the entire stretch is good blackmouth water ranging from 100-120 feet. The tricky spot is a high reef area emerging from the bottom directly out from Secret Harbor as the top rises to within 25-30 feet a surface. It’s rocky, and a real tackle grabber. If you’re using downriggers keep a serious keep your eye on the sonar. The depth goes from 80 feet to 30 feet and nothing flat. The usual trolling pattern commences just off the southeast tip of Cypress, and runs in the North Northwesterly direction toward the far Eastern tip of Island. This tip forms the tip of deepwater bay. Following this pattern just be sure to skirt the reef mentioned above.


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