Mid Channel Bank

Port Townsend, Washington

Mid Channel Bank is located just a short run from Port Townsend harbor and provides great fishing opportunities anytime of the year it’s open for fishing. Most of the fishing takes place just past Mid Channel bank itself, which is located in very shallow water. Crossing over the bank the water depth drops rapidly from 50 to 120 feet and deeper. The majority of fish are caught from Point Wilson to Marrowstone Island with trolling, mooching, and jigging all popular methods for taking salmon here.

Winter Blackmouth

It’s generally best to troll with the tide here. On the incoming tide troll from Point Wilson to Marrowstone Island and on the outgoing tide reverse the troll, heading the opposite direction. Hug the bottom here, as winter resident chinook will be here feeding on candlefish or herring that are usually right on the bottom. Many times I even bounce my downrigger balls on the bottom here to stir up mud and simulate salmon rooting candlefish out of the bottom. Moochers and jiggers look for bait on the sonar and setup right on top of the bait school to score blackmouth and kings. The best fishing action will occur one hour before to two hours after a tide change.

Summer Kings

There is a very limited fishery here for kings that’s usually one to two weeks long. The fishing technique is much the same as it is for blackmouth, the only change that I make is to lengthen my leaders and slow down the troll speed a little bit. The king action can be very good if the chinook have started migrating into the area.


Coho fishing usually picks up here in August and peaks sometime in September. Like other areas in the Strait or Puget Sound, look for tide rips off the points here and troll a little faster than normal. You really can’t troll too fast for silvers and covering water until school is located is a great approach.



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