Chambers Creek

Steilacoom, Washington

The Chambers Creek summer chinook fishery begins to heat up in early August. Located between Tacoma and Steilacoom it’s a bounty for local anglers looking to get for a few hours of fishing and shot at a chinook salmon. Depending upon rainfall the fishery can run well into September if the creek doesn’t get enough rain to push the salmon upstream. These fish are referred to as cookie cutter kings by locals, as they all seem to be 10 to 15 pounds in size.

Top fishing at Chambers is just off the creek mouth on a flood tide. Jiggers with Point Wilson Darts or Butterfly Jigs do really well at first light in the drop offs located just to the north of the railway bridge that denotes the entrance to Chambers creek. All fishing takes place outside of this bridge. Trolling just outside of the drop off to the north and south of the entrance can also produce good chinook fishing.


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