Possession Bar

Possession Bar is the big time salmon hang out where salmon love to pigout on the herring that the current sweeps across the bar during tidal movements.

Possession Bar is the southern extension of Whidbey Island. On the flood tide, the water rushes across it from west to east and vice versa on the ebb. This creates a big eddy on each side of bar where bait balls up to escape the relentless current. That’s where the salmon feed.

Bar Downrigger Tactics:

Fish the east side of Possession on the flood, and the west side on the ebb.

My favorite tide is the outgoing tide fishing the west side. Troll the 120-140 foot ledge line with your tackle just off bottom. You will need a good sonar to troll here, theirs not any road markers when fishing the bar and locating the bait that stacks up against the ledge will be the key to scoring on blackmouth here and to keep from hanging up downrigger balls on the grabby bar.

Mooching: You can do it even with the notoriously monster tides this area is known for. On the east side of the bar try drifting off from the shallow to the deep water. Try to pop bottom with the sinker two or three times then reel up a couple of cranks. On the west side you will have to drift up from the 220 water up to 90 feet. Start with 4 oz. then move up to 6 oz. if you can’t get down. As with trolling find the bait- find the fish.

Winter blackmouth:

Fish the contour of the bank, try and sty just off the bottom. Best fishing will occur one hour before to two hours after a tide change. Start in the 120 line if you don’t make bait or fish move out and re-troll the same edge in deeper water so you can bracket the water looking for bait.

Summer Kings:

Vast numbers of summer Chinook, pass over this bar on their return to spawn in the Skagit’ Snohomish, and Stillaguamish river systems. Why not open most of the season there has been a limited fishery recently for summer chinook that have fin clipped adipose fin. This fishery occurs in July and last one-two weeks or until the quota is met. It can be very good if the chinook have started migrating into the area. Fishing techniques here are similar to winter fishing but slow down you’re trolling speed and lengthen your leader length.


Coho fishing picks up here in August and peaks in September. Work the tide rips off the Bar and off the points which all can produce good coho fishing.

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