Travel Tips For Your Mexican Adventure

East Cape Big Boy!

Getting from the airport to the resort can be the most daunting portion of the entire trip. Unfortunately because of the variety of flights, arrival times and the existence of two terminals many travelers get a little confused about finding their ride to the resort. The most important thing to remember is that the resort contracts with T.T. Cabo Del Este to transport it’s guests from the airport. The drivers are located outside of the terminal and are usually driving white multi-passenger vans or a large Greyhound style bus (based on the number of folks being transported at any particular time of day). T.T. Cabo drivers also wear a green or white shirt with the company name on it. This year we will have representatives from Salt Patrol at the airport during peak arrival times to lend a hand whenever possible. We ask that you keep an eye out for fellow travelers at the airport. You will usually find them wandering aimlessly among the crush of taxi drivers who are trying to snag tourists inside the terminal. They can also be found at the bar imbibing in a post travel Pacifico. Please round these folks up and take them to the van or bus with you.

You or your driver may suggest stopping at one of the roadside stores to pick up some cold beverages for the ride. This is fine but realize that the case of beer you buy will be priced higher than normal as I believe the driver gets a little cut for his patronage. Remember to take whatever drinks you don’t finish with you once you arrive at the resort. These can be placed in your room’s refrigerator for later enjoyment. Also bear in mind that you have about a one hour ride to the resort and there aren’t any bathroom facilities along the way unless you count cactus and mesquite bushes. A bottle opener is also a good item to pack for this portion of your trip.

The return trip to the airport can be much less daunting because by now you’re an old pro and the prospect of getting stuck for an extra day or two isn’t so bad. On the day of checkout you can go pickup your fish on the way to the airport. This can be a time consuming task and you definitely need to allot extra time for it. Do not seal your coolers at this point! Once you arrive at the airport customs officials will take a look in the cooler and possibly ask a few questions about your trip. They will then wrap a strip of duct tape around the cooler and allow you to check it. Be prepared to pay an airline fee for overweight baggage. Credit cards seem to be easiest way to make those payments. You should be set for the flight home. Settle down , have one more Pacifico for the road and all should be well until you arrive at your destination. Coolers usually come out with your regular baggage but rods are most often returned at the oversized baggage window. This can sometimes take awhile so you want to plan accordingly. This might be a good time to send your buddy to get the car.

We hope these tips have been helpful. Please forward any of your tips, tactics or traumas to and we’ll do our best to share them with your fellow travelers. Take care and we look forward to seeing you in sunny Mexico.


The fun doesn't end with the fishing at the Salt Patrol Tournament!

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