Team Simrad joins Salt Patrol

Team Simrad Boat

Navico Electronics has selected to market the Simrad product line. Piggybacking in the highly successful Team Lowrance marketing campaign led by Capt John Keizer owner of

NSE 12 Sonar/GPS Unit

The Team Simrad boat is a 24 ft North River equipped with two NSE 12 sonar/GPS units and Simrad Broadband Radar and a Simrad RC42 Rate Compass. The boat also is networked with NEMA 2000 SimNet and can display engine information and data from numerous on board sensors.

Just like the Team Lowrance boat anglers will have the unique ability to step on board the Simrad boat and see the lasted in new Simrad products in operation.

Team Simrad-Capt Dave Auman

The Team Simrad boat captained by Dave Auman will be fishing Northwest Derbies and Tuna tournaments and will be at dealer events across the Northwest.

The Team Simrad event schedule can be found on events list on the home page.

Navico brands include Lowrance, Simrad, Eagle, Navman, Northstar, B&G and MX.

For more information on the Team Simrad boat visit Salt Patrol Fleet


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