Winter Blackmouth

One of the most pleasurable things about this time of the year is the lack of crowds. Many times I have fished Sekiu and had all the prime areas to fish with little or no angler pressure and plenty of hook ups. The fish are not giants like their summer returning brothers, but action can be fast and furious on blackmouth that range in size from just legal up into the teens.

Starting to the east of Sekiu you can find some very productive angling in close to Clallam Bay. You only need to go around the corner from the boat ramp and mooch out if front of the Caves to score on some nice fish. Winter fishing is all weather dependent and it’s best to check the weather before making the drive. There will be fish out there all winter long and the locals hammer then whenever the weather settles down enough to fish.

My personal favorite area is to launch at Sekiu and then run east to Pillar Point, trolling back with the outgoing tide. The area from Pillar Point to Cod Fish Bay has over the years been one of my top producers. Troll the 120 to 130 foot depth line and keep the gear just off bottom. After fishing this area move up and troll off the Coal Mine to Little Mussolini Rock. Here you want to fish the 130 to 150 feet of water.

Next stop on the Westerly troll is Big Mussolini Rock on Slip Point. This is also a great mooching and jigging area. Back across Clallam Bay, the Caves just out front of Sekiu are probably one of the most famous spots to fish here. Many a big king and blackmouth has been taken here by both moochers and trollers. The Caves all the way down to the Sekiu River can provide top notch blackmouth fishing during the winter months. Both trolling and mooching are very productive here, working the 120 foot depth one hour before to two hours after the tide change.

Summer Kings

When open for summer kings in July it’s hard to find even an open dock space or open motel room here, so book early if you plan to fish this one for summer kings. Known as one of the states top chinook fisheries, Sekiu has earned a reputation for some of the northwest’s best fishing for summer chinook.

Early morning mooching off the kelp beds near the Caves is almost a right of passage for this area and trolling off Slip Point up and down the coast regularly produces catches of chinook. Keep an eye peeled on your sonar to locat bait and target that depth with your downriggers, as the fish won’t be far behind.


Coho fishing starts here July and numbers of fish increase into August, with silver action peaking in September. Work the offshore tide rips and eddy edges formed by Slip and Pillar points, which all both produce great coho fishing.


On odd numbered years pink salmon swarm by Sekiu in the millions. Massive schools of humpies will pass though this area. These are easily caught with either cut plug herring or a white flasher and pink hoochie combination in the top 60 feet of water. Those trolling with divers or sinkers will catch a lot of humpies without the need of a downrigger.


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