Redondo Beach

Des Moines, Washington

The closest and best salmon fishing off Redondo starts just about 100 yards a way from Salty’s Restaurant and the public fishing pier. Most salmon seekers will troll from just off Saltwater State Park south to Dumas Bay. This productive area is best fished in 90 to 100 feet of water before moving further off the beach into deeper water as the sun gets brighter later in the day.

Winter blackmouth are caught regularly by locating concentrations of baitfish on the sonar. Areas with baitfish will usually kick out the most blackmouth during the winter months, as the resident chinook won’t go far from the bait.

Summer will see chinook migrating past the beach, starting in July, as they migrate towards river systems in the south Puget Sound. The middle water, from 50 to 80 feet in depths of 100 to 120 feet, will generally produce the top action on summer chinook.

Just across the sound from Redondo brings you to one of Puget Sound’s top southern salmon fisheries, Robinson Point. The deep drop off here holds a ton of baitfish. This area doesn’t receive nearly the angler pressure of Pt. Defiance or other popular kings. When fishing Robinson Point troll with the tide and bracket the area from shallow to deeper water until you find the depth the fish are migrating through. Both moochers and trollers score fish here when the migration kicks into gear.

Safety Note: The Redondo boat ramp can be very difficult for launch and recovery on a windy day or a low tide, so take this into account when trying to recover your vessel in a stiff afternoon breeze.


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