Point No Point

Hansville, Washington

Located on the north end of the Kitsap Peninsula, Point no Point has been a local salmon fishing Mecca for years. The point kicks out both winter blackmouth and summer kings on a regular basis, as well as silvers and chums.

Winter Blackmouth

Point No Point is best fished on the outgoing tide. The strong outgoing tidal flow will force baitfish into the back eddy that forms on the north side of the point and the salmon will soon follow for a meal. Moochers and jiggers do well fishing the rips formed at Point No Point, working the bottom 20 to 30 feet of water in 90 to 120 feet of water.

Trollers also do very well following the outside contour, fishing the 120 to 150 foot shelf from east to west. Most of the hookups usually occur just of the bottom here. The drop-off will parallel the beach for several hundred yards, then boats will troll towards shore staying in 120 to 150 foot of water all the way up into Skunk Bay. Once in the bay follow the same contour line up towards Foulweather bluff at the entrance to Hood Canal.

On the incoming tide the current will push south again, so it’s best move back around the south end of Point no Point and fish south to Pilot Point. Trolling for blackmouth is a keep- your-gear-near-the-bottom game, fishing just off the bottom so you don’t hang up a downrigger ball. The tackle should be presented within five feet of the bottom if possible.

Summer Kings

Why not open most of the season! There has been a limited fishery recently for summer chinook that have fin clipped adipose fin and it’s a “get it while it’s hot” deal. This fishery occurs in July and lasts one to two weeks or until the quota is met. It can be very good if the chinook have started migrating into the area. Fishing techniques here are similar to winter fishing but slow down you’re trolling speed and lengthen your leaders for summer chinook.


Coho fishing picks up here in August and peaks in September. Work the tide rips and off the points with either gear or cut plug herring. All the points and rips near Point No Point can produce good coho fishing.


Chum will usually start to arrive here in October and November. Fishing the top 50 feet of water will produce the most chums. I like to fish a green flasher with a 40 inch leader and a mini green squid loaded with herring scent.

Beach Fishing

Point No Point offers an excellent opportunity for beach anglers fishing Buzz Bombs, Zingers, Pt Wilson Darts, or weighted spoons to catch Chinook, Coho and Chums when they come close to shore to feed. Shore anglers should fish the west side of the Point on the outgoing tide and move to the east side on the incoming tide.


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