Point Defiance

Tacoma, Washington

Winter Blackmouth

Winter Blackmouth can be found here year round, but most of the fishing takes place from October thru April. The Clay Banks, located just off Pt. Defiance, is best fished on the outgoing tide. The strong current from the Tacoma Narrows will push bait into the back eddy formed by Pt. Defiance and fish will show up to feed on the baitfish. Best fishing depths for blackmouth are 90 to 150 feet with the tackle just off the bottom. Most of the action will take place one hour before to two hours after the tide change. Another option is to try tolling off the Slag Pile, as fish will hold up in the drops offs just off the point.

On the incoming tide move north across Dalco passage and fish Point Dalco. Fish the same water depths as the Clay Banks, concentrating the gear on or near the bottom. Trolling off the mouth of Quartermaster Harbor can also be very productive for blackmouth.

Summer Kings

The summer king fishery at Point Defiance starts in late July and can stay productive into September, sometimes lasting the entire month depending on how much rain the area receives pushing fish up into local rivers. Ocean coho will usually start to appear in late August and can provide sporadic action into the middle of October.

Target the same fishing areas and tides as with winter blackmouth, but these fish are migratory and the bite can come on throughout the day. The best fishing will be just after first light and just before dark. While fishing the bottom can be productive here, so can trolling with the gear down about 50 feet, keeping the boat in 90 to 120 feet of water. The Gig Harbor shoreline near the mouth of the harbor tends to see lots of action during the August fishery at Point Defiance and is always an option of the point is slow.

Chum Salmon 

Chums will start to arrive here in late October and will continue well into December. Target the Gig Harbor Shoreline both north and south of the harbor mouth and the west side of Vashon Island.


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