Personal Rescue Beacons


Personal rescue beacons are increasingly finding their way into NW anglers tackle bags, boats, and even vehicles.  Now days personal rescue beacons not only provide emergency rescue but also a means of communications when outside your cell phones effective range.

Because they link to satellites, they are able to function well beyond the range of cell phones and, equipped with a messaging mechanism, transmit a signal through the satellite uplink, on to a ground station and on to the internet, where the transmission becomes text message, an e-mail, or GPS position or track on a map or marine chart.  

One of the first devices to take advantage of this was SPOT. Fisherman quickly took notice of the SPOT Satellite GPS messenger. Along with an SOS button, (which contacts the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center to initiate a rescue). The SPOT also features the ability to send a couple of preconfigured e-mails, including a nonemergency “HELP” or I’m OK emails like I’m going to be late or a message of your choice. The SPOT can also post your message to Facebook or Twitter.  All messages arrive in a predetermined recipients email, and the current location is posted on a map located on, where the user, device and contacts are all preregistered.

On my SPOT have a preprogrammed message that sends a text to my wife saying I’m OK but I’m going to be late….Like she never hears this one during tuna season! I need help/assistance message programmed that tells a couple of my trusted friends that I need assistance and to look at the map on findmespot to locate where I’m at.  They already know what this means and will provide assistance or get the message to someone who can. Lastly if all goes bad I can push the SOS button for a rescue.

The newest SPOT GEN 3 has all the standard features, with the addition of adjustable tracking, which allows you to post a new position every 60,50,30,10,5 or 2 1/2 minutes. There is also a built in motion sensor that suspends tracking when the device senses it’s no longer moving, and restarts once you get moving again.

The Gen3 has a USB port for upgrades and computer linkup, and double the battery life of the previous model. The SPOT Gen3 lists for $149.00 and requires a service plan that starts at $99.00 a year. Complete information can be found on

I have found that this little robust device is a real winner. I take mine on ever outdoor/fishing adventure I go on here in the NW or around the world. It’s some of the cheapest insurance you can buy anywhere.

SPOT Trace

SPOT Trace

SPOT has now taken there innovated satellite tracking to protecting your most valuable items. Advanced Theft-Alert Tracking for anything in the new SPOT Trace.

This little water poof satellite tracker (2.69 inches X 2.02 inches) can be installed on your boat, RV, car, or any item you want to protect. One of the uses already pointed out was installing it under the cowl of you kicker motor. The battery powered SPOT Trace can be installed using reversible mounting bracket or industrial strength double-sided tape.

Once activated and powered on, SPOT Trace will acquire its exact coordinates from the GPS network. SPOT Trace sends the GPS location to communication satellites. The satellites relay the message to a ground network, which uses the internet to route the message to your phone or computer. SPOT Trace allows you to monitor your asset and track its movement in near real-time via Google Maps. Because SPOT Trace uses satellite technology, it can communicate from some of the most remote locations around the world. The unit retails for $99.00 and service plans run $99.00 a year.

Again cheap insurance to protect your high dollar investments.

Capt John

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