Evinrude Outboard Repower

New Evinrudes On Salt Patrol

New Evinrudes On Salt Patrol


This past year I was looking at my fuel bill for 2012 (Not Fun Process) and started to do some research on repowering Salt Patrol with new and more economical outboards.  Don’t get me wrong the four stokes ran great but it was time to look at what was new in the market and see if it made sense to do a repower. First I read everything each manufacture had out there on their outboards so I knew what I was talking about or better yet what to ask about when it comes to the latest OB technology.

Next came dock talk, I asked everyone I knew what they liked about their outboards, how they ran, any service issues and what fuel economy they were getting. As I dug deeper more and more guys said I love my Evinrude or I wish I would have gone with Evinrude.  I called my good friend Tom Nelson (The Outdoor Line 710AM ESPN Radio Show) who I knew was running Evinrude outboards and ask his thoughts on his E-Tec outboards. Talk about excited Tom loves his Evinrude’s. He pretty sold me that E-Tec’s were the way to go. Here are some of the points he made about Evinrude and some of my findings.

Fuel Savings

Only the Evinrude E-TEC offers engine management computer that makes over 8 million calculations to insure you get the precise amount of fuel you need at any RPM so you’re not burning one more drop then needed. So that mean you will burn 44% less fuel and up to 50% less on older two stroke engines.  This will equate to bigger fuel savings for those long salmon and tuna runs and more time on the water and less at the pump.


No dealer schedule maintenance for the first 3 years or 300 hours of service. That includes oil changes. Now I spend more time fishing and less time waiting on the boat service. Always seems like you need get the boat in for service and the fishing turns on! So already I saved about $1500 on boat service in the first year by going with Evinrude. The ETEC’s also have an “Auto-winterization” feature so if you’re not going to be using your boat for a few weeks it will automatically winterize it for you.


Besides no service the Evinrude’s come with a 3 year no declining warranty. No issues if you have a problem as there is a large dealer network if you do have an issue it’s easy to remedy any issue if you ever have one.


15HP HO Kicker

15HP HO Kicker


Starting is a dream

The starting system is handled by an onboard computer no choking, no carburetor to flood turn the key and you’re underway. The 200’s are push button start. Also I went with Tom’s suggestion that I go with an Evinrude 15HP HO kicker which is also fuel injected. Instant start and it has a 15 amp charging system to keep all my batteries charged up and my Lowrance electronics operating at full voltage why trolling all day.

Trolling on one of the 200 ETEC's

Trolling on one of the 200 ETEC’s



These motors are quite, whether you’re tolling for salmon on the kicker or using the 200 mains to troll on for salmon and tuna these are some of the quietest 2 strokes I have ever run. Yes running one of the 200 E-TEC’s will troll down slow enough to fish salmon off the downrigger.

Green OB

The Evinrude E-TEC   has the lowest reportable emissions and 100% EPA compliant in fact it won the EPA Clean Air Excellence award. No problem with fishing in any clear water lakes and meeting local regulations.


The E-TEC has a power stroke for every revolution (twice that of a four stroke) combined with advance fuel injection and combustion system gives Evinrude E-TEC the quickest throttle control response in the industry. My boat weights in around 10K and the 200 E-TEC’s pop it right out of the whole and up on plane extremely quick.


With the lighter Evinrude E-Tec, your boat will simply perform better. For starters there is less stress on the transom. I went from twin four strokes 150’s on my 26ft North River boat to E-TEC 200’s and the weight is the same.

No service calls for 3 years, no break in time, lighter weight, more power and better fuel economy the decision to repower with Evinrude E-TEC’s was very easy decision for me.

I called Orrin at Kitsap Marina in Port Orchard my local Evinrude dealer. He took me step by step through the process and helped me select the correct setup my boat.

Evinrude ICON Controls

Evinrude ICON Controls

I went with the ICOM controls (fly by wire) and the Evinrude I Command gauges that network into my NEMA 2000 network. These provide all the engine information, fuel burn, RPM, oil level and much more so you always know what’s going on with your E-TEC’s. I can also display the same engine information on my Lowrance units.

The Evinrude ICON Shifter is an advanced, intelligent electronic shift and throttle system for Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines. The RPM Tune and PowerSync give you more control than standard cable controls. It makes engine operation a dream.

Kitsap Marina had the motor repower done very quickly and I was out and running my new Evinrude E-TEC engines and enjoying the new power and fuel economy. Bring on the summer TUNA season!

For more information on Evinrude outboards visit: www.evinrude.com or call Orrin at Kitsap Marina 360-895-2193 to discuss your repower options.


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