Downrigger Guidelines

Cheat sheet for leader lengths, flasher setups, etc.

Trolling Downriggers:


Standard downrigger flasher trolling setup


Distance from downrigger release clip to flasher

large plastic flashers – 8 to 15 feet

small plastic flashers – 10 to 20 feet

large metal flashers – 6 to 10 feet

small metal flashers – 8 to 12 feet

Sockeye fishing-4/5ft from release clip



Make sure flashers rotate correctly to fish effectively; they should turn over rapidly when trolled to create the noise in water to attract salmon.

Use 40/50lb leader on non-action lures (hootchies, flies) behind flashers and add scent (Smelly Jelly) or a small piece of herring to the front hook as a scent teaser.

Spoon fishing: Start with shorter length leaders for blackmouth and coho and longer for fall chinook.


Scotty Downrigger with rod set for proper bend while trolling


Downrigger release clips: Scotty Power Grip, Scotty Hairtrigger, ProRelease


Downrigger ready to attach flasher & lure to release clip



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