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Salt Patrol – The Sport Fisherman’s Resource

Salt Patrol and its founder Capt. John Keizer focuses on a wide variety of sport fishing resources to include travel, seminars and educational videos. Capt. John is a veteran speaker who conducts seminars, co-hosts on radio and television programs and stars in his series of videos.

Salt Patrol is a valuable resource for the sport fisherman. It contains resources for salt and freshwater fisheries.



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Salt Patrol welcomes Fish Fi...

posted by John Keizer





Fish Fighter Product makes some of the most innovated products for your boat. Stay tuned for updates as we install them on our boats in the coming weeks. Check them out at Fish Fighter Products

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Siren Marine-Remote Boat Monit...

Loss of Salt Patrol April 2018







It’s been an interesting year working the Washington Sportsman Show, The Seattle International Boat Show and the NW Sportsman Show in Portland. I enjoyed meeting all the anglers that attend either my seminars or just stopped by the Lowrance booth to see all the new products. What was the most asked question I got over and over? If you think it was about fishing you would be wrong. It was what happened to your boat?

Pro-Troll Lighted Flasher

       Pro-Troll Lighted flasher

Following three years of testing and development, Pro-Troll has developed a lighted flasher series. Most fish are attracted to light. The light is water activated. It turns on when it contacts the water, and turns off when dry. It’s unique circuits flash red, white and green on both sides of the flasher. The sealed battery lasts 80 hours or more and then the light can be easily replaced. Lighted flashers and glow flashers are most effective in dim light (early morning) or in cloudy water or when fishing deep (where it’s dark). More info  visited ProTroll.com 




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