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Salt Patrol and its founder Capt. John Keizer focuses on a wide variety of sport fishing resources to include travel, seminars and educational videos. Capt. John is a veteran speaker who conducts seminars, co-hosts on radio and television programs and stars in his series of videos.

Salt Patrol is a valuable resource for the sport fisherman. It contains resources for salt and freshwater fisheries.



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Salt Patrol welcomes Fish Fi...

posted by John Keizer





Fish Fighter Product makes some of the most innovated products for your boat. Stay tuned for updates as we install them on our boats in the coming weeks. Check them out at Fish Fighter Products

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Fish Fighter Products Tackle T...


My first experience with Fish Fighter Products was at the Western Washington Sportsman’s Show this past January. I kept wandering over to their booth looking at all the product line. After many years in the fishing industry it takes something special to get me excited. Well I can say now that Fish Fighter Products is one of the new products that did just that.
The product line is not a rehash of other boat hardware accessory stuff, its new and extremely innovated. It is also the build from the best materials they can use. No short cuts with Fish Fighter Products you get the best from each top of the line product down to the provided bolts to mount it.
The first product that caught my eye was the Tackle Tender. Tyler Ross from Fish Fighter Products demoed the unit for me and I was hooked. I now have a set of sliding Base Rails, Tackle Tenders with Rod Risers holding my Scotty rod holders mounted on my new 27ft North River O/S.
The Tackle Tender

WPS Salmon Kill Bag











I have been using the WPS (Wilderness Packs) bags for many years now. They have Tuna Kill bags that are some of the best I have ever seen. They also make custom fit bags for fish boxes that are custom built to fit your boats fish box providing ice installation for many hours on fresh fish.With the addition of the our new North River Scout to our fleet we went to WPS to set her up for salmon.
They have a Salmon Kill Bag that is truly heavy-duty bag designed to keep your fish fresh in a compact area. There bag system is made from 18-ounce PVC vinyl, Nylon strapping and lined with 1/2″ close cell foam for year-round use. Each bag comes equipped with drain plugs, carry handles and sewn-in web loops to help keep it securely attached inside your boat. These bags are designed for those with success and a full freezer in mind, and will last a lifetime. Whether you need a salmon, tuna, steelhead, trout or a custom build bag they have them all.

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