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Salt Patrol – The Sport Fisherman’s Resource

Salt Patrol and its founder Capt. John Keizer focuses on a wide variety of sport fishing resources to include travel, seminars and educational videos. Capt. John is a veteran speaker who conducts seminars, co-hosts on radio and television programs and stars in his series of videos.

Salt Patrol is a valuable resource for the sport fisherman. It contains resources for salt and freshwater fisheries.


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Salt Patrol welcomes Pro-Cur...

posted by John Keizer

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Salt Patrol welcomes Pro-Cure Bait Scents. For a full listing of their superior products visit http://pro-cure.com/store/

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VacUpack Visaal Chamber Vacuum...

VacUpack Visaal Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VacUpack Visaal Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Recently Salt Patrol acquired a commercial vacuum packer from VacUpack company. We contacted Thom who is a local expert in vacuum sealing here in the NW. We were looking for a heavy duty machine that could not only handle the vast amount of fish we process every year but also the ability to process salmon and tuna in foil pouches also called

Lowrance SonarHub CHIRP Techn...




What’s new on the sonar market? Many of you have heard the new buzz word CHIRP. What is it, how does it work and what will it do for me and my fishing?

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