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Salt Patrol and its founder Capt. John Keizer focuses on a wide variety of sport fishing resources to include travel, seminars and educational videos. Capt. John is a veteran speaker who conducts seminars, co-hosts on radio and television programs and stars in his series of videos.

Salt Patrol is a valuable resource for the sport fisherman. It contains resources for salt and freshwater fisheries.


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Brummel’s Bait Board

posted by John Keizer

Brummel’s Bait Board

Salt Patrol welcomes Brummel’s Bait Board as our  newest sponsor 

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Seagaur Threadlock Hollow Core...



Big Game beware. This high performance braid features 16 strands in a high-density weave for amazing tensile and impact strength. It is exceptionally strong and smooth with unmatched abrasion resistance. Hollow-core for easy knotless leader connections to Seagaur Fluorocarbon Leader material.

Brummel’s Bait Board


Brummel’s Bait Board

Brummel’s Bait Board

Just finished installing my new Brummel’s Bait Board on board Salt Patrol. This is by far the best of any design I have ever seen for a bait board design.  You start out with the UHMW basic board in black, white or gray cooler and accessorize it as you wish. Each accessory just locks into place to the bait board. On my board I added a knife holder, rod holder, weight box,  leader roller, bait cooler, cup holder  and a snap on rod holder for the front. The board has built in duel drain system so it all washes off and runs down into the transom.

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