Salt Patrol – The Sport Fisherman’s Resource

Salt Patrol and its founder Capt. John Keizer focuses on a wide variety of sport fishing resources to include travel, seminars and educational videos. Capt. John is a veteran speaker who conducts seminars, co-hosts on radio and television programs and stars in his series of videos.

Salt Patrol is a valuable resource for the sport fisherman. It contains resources for salt and freshwater fisheries.


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Yakima Bait “Big Al̵...

2013 FF

Fish Flash


With Springer fishing about to kick off and followed shortly thereafter by a another good summer ocean kings season it’s time to stock up on your favorite  fish catching colors.

The Big Al “No Drag Flasher” with No resistance- no drag. The Fish Flash is so unique, so versatile and

Shimano Tekota

Shimano Tekota

Shimano Tekota

The Tekota series of reels is designed to offer freshwater and saltwater anglers an affordable yet robust reel that is capable of targeting a wide range of species. The Shimano Tekota can be paired up with the G Loomis SAR1265 rods to be a complete salmon trolling system.

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